“What is the best wax to use for our 5th Wheel. The body is fiberglass.”



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  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you so much for asking this question as it gives me a chance to talk about one of my best finds in the world of RV maintenance. When I watch or read about people spending hours cleaning and then waxing their RV I remember when I used to do that also. Over the years, I have definitely concluded that the best wax treatment you can give your RV is the one that is the easiest to do and the best quality. I want to emphasize “the easiest to do” as in my experience the cost and effort required to wax your RV is not at all related to how long the wax lasts or how good it is. So if it is not hard to do, you will wax it often and that is the best wax treatment of all.

    I discovered Wash Wax All a couple of years ago. I did a lot of research to find which wax would last the longest, gave the best shine and was the easiest to apply. This product meets all of those requirements and then some. It is amazing and gets great reviews. We do our Tiffin Phaeton 2 or three times a year. It is 40 ft long and is mostly black. It takes about 3 hours to do the whole thing(not the roof of course).

    You clean the motorhome first, if its really dirty. Then you just spray it on, spread it with a clean microfiber cloth, then wipe it off. The more times you do it the better it is. It is important that when you clean it between times you do not use a soap that will remove wax. My choice, and what Tiffin recommends is a baby shampoo and a wool pad. Never use brushes they scratch the finish. I will be talking more about this later.

    If you take a look at the reviews WASH WAX ALL gets they are incredible. You can’t go wrong. Please let me know if you have any more questions. By the way you can use it on plastic, chrome, ultraleather, rubber etc. It is great for your car.

    I put a link to this product below.

    Best Regards,