With over 18+ years of full time living in an RV and after owning 2 trailers, one fifth wheel and 5 motorhomes(gas and diesel) we have been asked by numerous  blog subscribers if we would help new RVers in person pick out their new RV and/or do a detailed walk through with follow up support.

As well meaning as most RV dealers are, often they don’t have the manpower and resources to offer an unrushed, complete walk through. This is where we can help.

I. We will continue offering new RVers free help through articles and answers to questions on the blog. But we now offer  RVers in-person, detailed walk throughs and/or help choosing an RV. We don’t do RV pre buying inspections, as we will leave that to well qualified NRVIA inspectors to do that work

II. The cost is $60 an hour for an in person walk through or “PDI”. We will go as slowly as you wish and spend as long as you would like. The only additional charge would be mileage of $1.00 a mile and any other expenses if you are not local to Southern California.(within 100 miles of Cathedral City, California)

III. Here is more detail as to what these services could entail.


A. Pre-buying Consultation

1. We can help you decide which type and size of trailer, fifth wheel, gas or diesel motorhome would best fit your needs, family and budget. Location could be at your kitchen table or at a dealer. Remember, we are working for you and have complete objectivity as we are not trying to sell you anything.

2. When we are done, you should feel confident as to what type, vintage, model, layout, brand and price range of RV you want.

3. You should also feel confident that you know what questions to ask a dealer and how to negotiate a fair price.

4. We will also go with you to shop in person,  if you feel that would work best for you. We can’t negotiate for you, but can offer you on the spot guidance. As an objective but enthusiastic partner,  we can help you avoid the emotional buying response that can result in unwise decisions.


B. Detailed Walk through

After you have purchased your RV we can do the following:

1. Help you obtain resources to get any repairs that need to be done that were recommended by your NRVIA inspector, if you had one.

2. Show you in detail and help you practice how to operate all systems(electrical, lighting, heating and Ac, plumbing, slides, hitch setup, towing, navigational) etc, etc.

3. Each type of RV is different and has somewhat different systems. Each brand and model offers unique features. We will make sure before we begin your walk through that we have customized it to fit your needs and that we have researched your new-to-you RV and understand all its unique qualities and features.

4. Although we are not a qualified driving  instructor, we can give you driving tips and help you find an instructor in your area if you need one.


C. Follow up

Our relationship does not have to end with our in person walk through. We can return, as needed or give you telephone support on issues that come up. For telephone support, the hourly charge would be the same , with a one hour minimum.

Please use the form below to give us the details of how you think we could assist you.  After we have reviewed your information, we will contact you by phone within 24 hours.  Please let us know when would be a good time for us to call you.