Right now many roofs have lots of ash from our many fires, do you have any specific cleaning advise for getting ash off of roofs and coach without damage. I believe ash may be very abrasive?



1 thought on “Cleaning ashes off a roof?

  1. Hey Joni,

    I want to put this on the site but I am still working on that, lol. We had ash on our motorhome last year when we were in Petaluma. I think the best idea is to rinse it off the roof. I would make sure to wet the sides and front and end cap first, and then just use a spray nozzel to rinse it off. Then rinse the sides also. If where you are at they don’t allow you to rinse the motorhome then you might take buckets of water. In Olema they wouldn’t let us wash, so i took a bucket and mop and just kept mopping and rinsing. I didn’t use any soap. When we wash the sides and roof with soap, we only use baby shampoo and a wool pad like Tiffin recommends.

    Hope that helps