If you are considering buying a motorhome as your new RV home there are lots of things to think about. A motorhome is a motorized, self propelled RV that goes down the road as a truck or car. It requires registration as a motorhome in most states, and requires a valid drivers license to operate. Some states require a different license to drive certain motorhomes, usually the longer class A units.

First of all there are basically 3 distinct types of motorhomes with some variation under each grouping





The class C is built on a truck chassis and is distinguished by the over hang over the truck like cab. It is a very popular style of motorhome and is often the choice of new RVers.

2021 Thor Chateau 34




The class B is built on a van chassis and are the smallest of the three classes. They can be powered by gas or diesel. Of the three types, it would seem that the camper van configuration would be the most difficult for full time RV living. There is very little storage in this type of RV and the toilet area is usually a combination “wet” room with the toilet, shower and sink all in one very small area.

2020 Winnebago Revel



The class A is usually the most expensive and luxurious. The two adjectives “expensive” and “luxurious” are very subjective, I realize and subject not only to individual interpretation, but also to the year, model, size and price of the vehicle. A class A motorhome can be powered by gas or diesel. The larger ones, over 35 ft or so, are almost always diesel powered. The maximum size for this class is approximately 45 ft.




2020 Tiffin Phaeton



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