Roof Maintenance

There really is no part of your RV that is more important to take care of than your roof. We really can’t stress that enough. A perfectly wonderful RV can be totally trashed because the owner did not constantly monitor the condition of the roof.

One relatively small  leak can result in catastrophic damage, such as rot of the wooden structure, discoloration of the ceiling materials, mold, and major damage to the interior walls. Needless to say electrical components can be damaged from a leaking roof as well.

Every full timer should inspect or have someone else knowledgeable inspect the roof once every 2 months or so. Doing this every month is even better.  It is easy to do and can be accomplished in 15 minutes.

It is important to remember that your RV home as it goes down the road is in a perpetual state of earthquake. Everything in an RV is shifting, moving and flexing. As a result, great stress is placed on joints and seams around the roof and the caulking material that is used to seal it with.

This is especially true around all the fittings on the roof such as vents, antennas and other hardware.