suburban furnace not firing



“I am having problem with my suburban sf30 furnace I have checked gas valve the wires are good but it won’t fire an heat the board is new igniter is to.”



4 thoughts on “Suburban Furnace Not Firing

  1. Rick,

    We really appreciate your question. I am going to research this a bit and I will post something here as soon as I have a suggestion as to what you might do next. As an initial thought, your furnace has a solenoid in it that opens and closes to let the gas flow. Have you checked that? It is possible that this important part might have gone bad, or is not getting electricity. When you say it wont fire, is it trying to? Can you hear noise of it attempting to ignite?

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  2. Hey Rick,
    I been doing a bit of research and the one think I keep seeing involves the possibility of a faulty “sail switch”. If you look that up on line, it indicates that this switch senses the flow of air and if their is insufficient flow it will prevent the furnace from igniting. The fan will still blow but no heat. There are some great videos that show you how to trouble shoot it. You might just want to replace it as the next step in eliminating things. They are pretty inexpensive. Here is a link. Click here

    Let me know.
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    • Checked sail switch finally got it to spark a little and gas valve is working went to put back in the RV an now it’s acting up again so I am going to get it out tomorrow and Hook it up to a propane cylinder see if it fired if so I may have to rewire it under couch