How to get better air flow from bedroom roof a/c unit or any air flow?

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Great question.  We have the same issue in our motorhome and there are two possible solutions and we are using both.
The idea of both of these possible solutions is to cut off the air flow, or reduce it to the areas of your RV that have ample air flow and force that air to the other areas of the RV that need more air flow.


1. You can buy new vents on line on Amazon that have louvers that you can close.They are kinda pricey.   This will force more air to other vents in the motorhome.  The vents are really easy to replace.  Most of ours just pull out and then you can push in the new ones.


2. A less expensive and equally effective solution is to  cut circular pieces of cardboard that will just fit the vent.  Then you take off the vent, and tape the piece of card board to the back of the vents thereby blocking the air from coming out.  We tape them to the vent as we didn’t want to risk that somehow the piece of cardboard could get blown off the vent and go into the duct work.


Let me know how these possible solutions work.

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