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“Our GFCI in the bathroom works at times and then will not work. Recently the television in the bedroom stopped working as well as the GFCI. Could the GFCI not working be related to this? If so, how can we check or change the GFCI? Can it be a DIY?”




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  1. Hi Linda,

    When you say that the GFCI works sometimes, do you mean that the button is popping out and you have to reset it? If that is the case it could be that you are overloading the circuit. It could mean that something on the circuit is not functioning and is shorting out. It could be that the GFCI is faulty, but depending on how old your unit is, I would think that is unlikely. If you can tell me how old your Rv is and what you mean by sometimes it is working then I can go further. So:
    1 how old is your unit?
    2 when you say it is working sometimes do you mean you have to reset it?
    3. What are you doing when it stops working? Meaning what are you turning on when it pops, if that’s what us happening.

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    • We have a 2018 Newmar Canyon Star. The button does not pop in on the GFCI. I have tried to reset it, but will not reset. At one point, when we used the RV again, I noticed the light was on and it was working fine. The next time, it didn’t work. Also at that time, that is when the t.v. in our bedroom stopped working.
      Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi Linda

    Sounds to me like it is not the GFCI at all but that there is a problem getting current to it. There might be a loose wire somewhere. Tracking down where the problem lies could be difficult and probably is a job for an electrician.

    You could, I guess shut all the electricity off the to coach and carefully remove the GFCI from the wall and carefully inspect all the connections to it. To be honest, this maybe something beyond what you can do yourself. If it were me, I would start by calling Newmar and asking them. The intermittent nature of the problem and the fact that it is not tied to your turning on anything makes me think it has nothing to do with the GFCI. It is likely a loose wire and will require an electrician to test the wiring.

    I am sure that is not what you want to hear.

    Best regards