We have a 2019 Montana highcountry and every time the wind blows just a little the dirt and dust comes in in the window tracks , around the screws and about a inch on the glass. We are retired full timers and I would appreciate a fix of some sort.
Thank you



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Morning Carol,

Thank you for your question.

There is of course, lots of material addressing the issue of windows in RVs leaking water but not so many for windows leaking air and dirt.   I am also not sure what type of windows you have,  but here are a couple of ideas:

1.  One of the simplest would be to turn on one of your ceiling vent fans with the air being sucked in from the outside.  Don’t open a window.  This will actually create a bit of a higher pressure in the RV than outside that could prevent air and dirt from coming in.

2. By the same token, make sure you do not have any ceiling vent fans on drawing the air out of the motorhome because,  that would suck air in through any cracks in the seals around the windows.

3. If your windows are not frameless and have “weep” holes, a simple thing you can do is to tape over these holes.  “Weep” holes are small slots along the frame of the window outside that allow the water collecting in the window frame to drain when it rains.  It is essential that you remove the tape before it rains, as if these holes are plugged,  you will get water inside.

4. Another possible solution is to get some window/door sealing foam strips.  Cut small length with a razor blade to fit the track in the window.  Take these pieces of foam insulation and wedge it in the open tracks inside and out.  It is important that you remove these strips, however, when it rains, as your windows might not drain properly.

5. A carefully placed coating of silicone over screw heads will stop dust from coming in there.

6. As a last resort, as your RV is new, you could contact the dealer and have him reseal the windows or install new ones if these are defective. This should be covered under warranty. It looks like your issue might mean that the type of window you have just doesn’t seal well when you close it. 

I hope this helps.  I will let you know if I come across with any additional ideas.

Best regards,